The best safety for any aircraft is a well trained pilot


Established in 1988, PT Bandara Praniagatama focused on training for military to enhance professionalism required. During 90’s several training services projects such as C-130, F28, B737, CN235, A320 and also goods provisioning for military such as parachutes and an Aircraft of Fokker F-70 were secured.


In 2000, we have been entrusted by Indonesian Air Force to conduct training for C-130H foreign operators in their training facility inside Halim Airbase. Until present times our clients cover mostly Asia, Africa and South America. CAE, one of the biggest simulators manufacturer and aviation training for military and civil has appointed us to be their representative for Indonesian region. Projects for Simulator provisioning and training activities for local airlines were secured. Since 2011, we are no longer in partnership with CAE.

In 2008, two new aviation companies in Singapore signed a contract of partnership for marketing purposes in navigation charting and e-learning training methods using animation for any aircrew in Indonesian regions. The navigation charting covers most part of the world until scale 1:25,000 and the software has been proven when installed on full flight simulator.


In 2011, the huge demand of pilot training and lacks of simulator in Indonesia has encourage us to partnership with Sim Aerotraining, France to provide ab-initio training for civil aviation. Successfully training has been done for Fokker 50 and A320. This year, Air Force (TNI AU) ask us to conduct their Fokker 28 training in France.

Also in 2011, Lockheed Martin through their Training and Logistic Services Division appointed PT Bandara Praniagatama to offer F-16 simulator to the Air Force. In 2013, PT Bandara Praniagatama was having successful experience on project for Telecommunication System and Air Survailance for the Air Force. And in the same year, PT Bandara Praniagatama is appointed by Lockheed Martin Mission and System Training Company Profile as their sole consultant on F-16 C; both for simulator and training program. And starting on 2016 PT. Bandara Praniagatama fulfill the needs of TNI AU on Emergency Procedure Training for F-16 C Simulator Training that was held in United States of America.

After 1 year of CN 235 simulator training vacuum due to simulator decay owned by Merpati Training Center in Surabaya, PT Bandara Praniagatama build and manage cooperation with Airbus Military to conduct simulator training for 16 CN 235 Pilots in Seville, Spain. The cooperation continued through implementation of CN 295 MCP Training in Halim Perdanakusuma using instructor from Airbus Military in early 2016.